Thursday, September 24, 2009

Lord, I was born a ramblin' woman

It's finally here! The late, great DIVA convention of 2009. Tomorrow little B and I head to New Orleans to visit Ariana, and Conley is driving up from Houston. It will be the first time all three of us have been together since right after Bradley was born, and he fit into his "Little Werker" onesie. (Man, I wished that thing still fit!!)

Before a trip I always think I am well prepared, until it comes time to leave and then I'm scrambling trying to tie up loose ends and leave the house in a frantic sweat. For example, tonight I am certain my bag is packed, but I know tomorrow morning I will remember all kinds of things last minute and kick myself for not taking care of them tonight, instead of checking Facebook, watching The Office, Grey's Anatomy (I wish I knew how to quit you!) and I'm about to watch the Glee episode I missed last night while at church. I will lazily wander around the house until I feel like going to bed, and wake up tomorrow doing the mad dash to get out of the house again. Will I ever learn?? Mmm, probably not. But at least I know this about myself, and knowing is half the battle they say.

Today I hosted our informal mamas' coffee at my house. Our group is a hodge podge of women who have small kids, and not everyone knows everyone, so we've started doing weekly coffees at each other's houses, to get to meet other moms and frankly escape the house and have an adult conversation for an hour or two! If I may brag, and I will because this is my blog, the event today at our house was a huge success. In the four weeks we've been doing these coffees, we had the biggest turnout today- 8 moms and 6 kids (all under the age of 3- eegad!). The house was clean, the candles were lit, the fall decor was on display, and besides the coffee and fixins, I even whipped up a batch of homemade chocolate chip bran muffins this morning to nosh on as a healthy/tasty treat. Perhaps I am finally living up to my claim of being a domestic goddess extrordinaire??

In an email the other day Brian remarked on how busy I am these days. Every time he calls I am off doing something. It's a great feeling to be busy again, after moping around the house for so many months with no real motivation to get out and about. Brian's in his final stretch of the deployment, and we expect him back sometime soon after my birthday. Things are still up in the air for him as to what new job he'll have when he gets back, but we will just be excited to have him home no matter what job he transitions to on base.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic fall evening. Thanks for putting up with my rambling. I suppose next time I could blog and just say I'm blogging to say I have nothing to say, but then again, what would the point of that blog be? The rambling is just so much more fun, don't you think? So tonight I ramble on about life, and tomorrow I will ramble on over to N'awlins.


Mary Anna said...

Did you just say "fantastic" and "fall" in the same sentence? Hell has officially frozen over.

The Wabeke's said...

Sorry we missed it! Can't wait to see you all again in Nov.