Monday, September 14, 2009

The B words

Usually the B-word is not a very nice one. Recently, we have had 2 b-words come into our lives, and neither is what you might think. One is good, one is bad. The first is Bunko.

For a long time now I have been trying to make more friends here and carve out some me-time in Florida so that everything in my life is not revolving around Brian and Bradley (some other favorite B words of mine, coincidentally). Finally some local mammas have put together an informal moms group, where we take turns hosting coffees, and the kids can come and play together, and also having once a month bunko games. This past Saturday night was our first game night. I had notions of bunko being an old ladies' game, but it is far from that. Basically you roll 3 dice, and try to roll for certain numbers each round, and rack up points based on how well you roll. You're constantly switching tables and playing with different people, so you end up getting to talk with everyone, and don't have to have any skill or strategy to play. I only knew a few of the gals who were there Saturday night, so I have the potential to make several new friends, and have a standing monthly girls' night out. Woohoo!

The other B word is familiar to anyone with a little boy I'm sure. Now that Bradley is walking all of the time now, we've had our first Booboos this weekend. A scraped up leg from falling on the concrete out front, and a bloody nose yesterday after tripping on the tile floor. This was the first of what I'm sure will be many bloody injuries with my little boy. I'm usually pretty low key when Bradley falls or bumps his head, but the sight of blood sent me into a panic! What if it doesn't stop bleeding I thought? What if, oh my gosh, what if it stains his clothes??!!

Fortunately it did stop, and he was fine. But the reality is, these 2 new B words are going to be a staple in our lives, so I'd better get used to it.


Anonymous said...

Oh Amanda!! How I love knowing other Mammas are going through something simular to me!! With Ren starting soccer we are having simular injuries. Anyway, I am so glad to be getting to know you and you are a joy in my life. I am waiting to hear about Paul and SOS (the phone should ring any second now) but I am hopefully going to plan the first girl football sunday/luncheon/hangout day for Sunday.....You game? ;)

Amanda Vilendrer said...

Yes, Bradley and I will be there with our football gear on, and yummy food in tow! Just let me know.

Mary Anna said...

B words are my favorite. I know they are yours too. ;)