Saturday, September 12, 2009

Food, folks, football, and fun

A week-long trip is almost too overwhelming to blog about. Here's the short, one-sentence recap: I saw lots of great people, and ate lots of great food. And here's the long recap:

Wednesday Sept 2nd: we rolled into town that afternoon, and wasted no time eating some good food: round steak with gravy, mashed potatoes, corn, and fried okra. After dinner we hit up Coldstone for some delicious ice cream.
Thursday September 3rd: Bradley and I visited mom at Ravenwood, and then after she got off work, we took Bradley to Pinkerton park in Franklin. I did my 30 minute run for the day, while G&G played with Bradley on the playground and took him for a short walk. Dinner that night was enchiladas and tacos, rice and beans.

Grandma & Grandpa B with Bradley at the park

After my run, I was stretching, and I looked down and saw this brick at my feet, and I laughed out loud. Tricia Cathey is this girl Laura graduated with, and for some reason, Laura keeps running into her all over town in random places. Of all the engraved bricks at this park, I cracked up that hers was the one directly below my feet!
Thursday night we took Bradley to the Ravenwood-Hillsboro game, his first ever football game. He's all decked out in his new Titans outfit because they played (and beat) Green Bay that night. Bradley did great at the ball game, mostly because he was happy to eat Dippin Dots, and mom carried him around and showed him the band, the cheerleaders, and the Raptor mascot up close. We made it to halftime and then took him home.

That night George and I spontaneously decided to go to a 10:15 showing of Inglourious Basterds, and I loved it! Going to the movies was definitely the highlight of my week in TN because it's a luxury I'm rarely afforded anymore. IB was a pretty typical Quintin Tarentino film, meaning it was violent, quirky, and funny. I still can't figure out why both words in the title are misspelled other than it's Quintin Tarentino and he most likely did that on purpose to be obtuse. George, my BFF, and I exchanged inside jokes about the movie the rest of the week just to piss off Laura because she couldn't go with us as she had to work the next day.

Friday September 4th was my big food and folks day. I had breakfast at the Puffy Muffin with my old friends from high school (who I did not actually go to high school with), Ben and Ken. I hadn't seen either of them since my wedding, so it was great to catch up with them, plus the food was yummy. I took my breakfast leftovers to Laura at work, and then headed over to Baja Burrito for lunch with Emily and Mary Anna. It was a gorgeous day, so I was happy to see them, and enjoy lunch outside on the patio. For dinner, me, mom, dad and Bradley went to McDougal's for dinner for some pure fried goodness: chicken fingers, french fries, and Texas toast! Later that evening, my freshman roommate from UK Ellen drove down to visit.

Saturday September 5th was our big college football day. We went to Jonathan's (a sports bar) to watch the University of Kentucky shut out Miami of Ohio 43-0. This is very exciting when you're a Kentucky fan, the team that's perpetually ranked at the bottom of the unparalleled toughness of the SEC conference. As usual, we have high hopes for our Wildcats!

Here's me, Ellen, and Bradley, and in the background you can see the scoreboard for yourself in case you don't believe it! That afternoon, Ellen and I hit the mall for a little shopping because I wanted to check out the new Sephora store inside JC Penney's. It was small, and they didn't carry several brands, including my favorite, Stila, but that didn't stop me from making purchases anyways. Ellen and I played in the makeup, and I gave us both bright blue eyeshadow to match our Kentucky shirts, and I bought a new shade of Bare Minerals foundation, Mineral Vale that I was out of, and a new Sephora brand brown liquid eye shadow. I'm embarrassed to say that the brown eyeliner I was using was several years old, and beyond the point of needing to be chucked. Saturday for dinner was homemade Chicken and dumplings, green beans, and mashed potatoes, another delicious southern classic. Ellen got on the road just after dinner. I am so thankful she went out of her way to come and visit. I can't believe we've known each other for 10 years!

Sunday September 6th we took Bradley to church at BBC. I was bummed that neither Mike or the choir were there since it was a holiday weekend, but I was still glad to be there, and encouraged to hear all that Brentwood Baptist is accomplishing these days in sharing Jesus with the world. After church it was one big reunion with Rhonda and Joe, Emily, Amy, Lisa, and Brad Johnson. I wish I'd taken a big group picture, but I did manage to get this classic shot with the two Bradleys, both clad in brown shirts:After church we had a late breakfast/early lunch at Cracker Barrel. Bradley had really good hand/eye coordination to be able to play the peg game on the table.

The two southpaws, with Grandpa's old baseball glove

Later on that day, our friends Rhonda and Joe came over to take some pictures of Bradley. I posted the link in the previous blog if you missed them. Sunday night was (mmmm!) Laura's quesadillas, homemade pico de gayo, and rice and beans. We also made a pitcher of white wine margaritas, but we put too much lime juice in them, so they were too tart to drink. After eating all that, I was too full to go run, so I played the "vacation card" and skipped it. That night, Laura made me watch "American Psycho" as its her current obsession, and I'd never seen it. It's one messed up movie, and although Christian Bale gives a great performance, the film was too out-there for me.

Monday September 7th, Labor Day. And what a day of labor it was for Brian's sister Heather! After many false attempts, she went to the hospital today and was finally admitted. I'm sure the irony of being in labor on Labor day was amusing to everyone but her.

We also took Bradley to the Nashville Zoo today. He seemed to like the giraffes and meerkats the best. The farm animals and petting zoo sections were a real let down I thought, but Bradley did like the raspberry icee that Grandma gave him, something I would never allow at home!!

a live "action shot" of us walking at the zoo

Monday night we grilled hamburgers, and had homemade fries, baked beans, and pasta salad. It was the perfect end-of0summer meal. Plus I miss grilling hamburgers, since I haven't grilled at home since Brian's been gone.

Tuesday September 8th in the wee hours of the morning, my very first niece Jaelynn Ava Downard was born. Just one day shy of being an 09/09/09 baby, she and her cousin Kristin share the same birthday one year apart. I met Laura for lunch at Bruegger's and had the Herby Turkey sandwich- thank you Emily Borders for introducing me to this treat a long time ago, and later that afternoon we had to take the customary trip to Target.

Bradley's current obsession is balls, so I took a picture with him out in front of the store with these permanent fixtures.

Tuesday night we had dinner at Cozy Mel's after Laura got off work. I learned that I do not like their pork tamales, and Bradley does not like their guacamole! He cried when he ate that. For the record, I did not cry when I tried the tamale (unlike the infamous scallop incident where I did almost shed tears at the dinner table). After dinner I met Tadd and his girlfriend Candace at Starbucks. We sat outside and talked for 2 hours and had a great time catching up.

Wednesday September 9th we headed back to Florida, but not without first realizing 20 miles down the road that I had forgotten all the bedtime staples in his crib upstairs- the blankie, dog-dog, sea horse, and pacifiers. So I called dad and turned around and met him at an interstate exit to retrieve the important items. That added about 20 minutes to our trip but it was so worth it! I don't think Bradley is super attached to any kind of lovie, but I couldn't take that chance! 8 hours later, we pulled into our driveway, glad to be home, but sad to say goodbye to such a great week.

Bradley loved climbing up the stairs, and more so being chased up the stairs. He loved the dogs too, especially Julius since he is so little. Julius however didn't return Bradley's affections since B tends to play a little rough right now. I was grateful to have extra hands to take care of Bradley and give me a much needed week-long break. I got to see Laura and George's new condo, eat way too much, and spend lots of quality time with friends and family. A big thanks to my family for making the week so relaxing and wonderful. And to my BFF, I'll have THREE beers. Au'revoire, Shoshanna!!


MamaB said...

It was a great week. Wish we could do that more often.

Mary Anna said...

The pic of Brad and Bradley? I laughed hard. Lil' B is getting one of Big B's signature hugs. Awkward....