Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snow Big Deal (oh yes it was!)

Yesterday's commute home will be one I won't forget.  I watched the snow start to fall downtown around 3 p.m., and within half an hour, the roads were starting to get white, and the tops of the roofs below were solid white.  I knew I was in for trouble and should have left at the first sign of bad weather.  Problem is, we've had so much snow this year already, that I was hesitant to leave early and miss more work for nothing.  As it turns out, yesterday was not "nothing."  I finished what I needed to do, including some crapy last minute stuff for an ungrateful person, and then I was out the door a little before 3:45 p.m.

After I hit the hour mark in my car, not even making it out of downtown Nashville, I settled in for a long evening.  The radio weather and traffic reports were so rushed and incomplete, that it only frustrated me, so I resolved myself to listening to cds to calm my nerves.  I made it through 3 cds during the drive home!
An hour and a half later, I made it onto the interstate.  At least then I started to crawl along at a steady pace.  5 miles per hour on the interstate, but at least it wasn't the gridlocked parking lot that downtown was.
Somewhere along I-65, and after nightfall, I hit the 2 hour mark.  The snow continued to fall, and I kept having to turn on my rear defrost to keep my back window clear.  I saw abandoned cars, and passed several wrecks along the way.

Pulling off I-65 around 6:30 p.m. was one of the happiest moments of my life!  It was then that I realized just how hungry I was, and just how bad I had to pee.  I think my nerves had kept both of those things in check til now.  It also hit me that I could have made it to Lexington, Kentucky in the time that it had taken me to get home today. 

Finally, at 7:15pm, 3 and 1/2 hours later, I made it home.  My friend Lisa wins the award for longest commute home yesterday, at 5.75 hours in her car, and Queen MAB went 3 miles in 3 hours.  Let's just say I made the executive decision to stay home today after dealing with that nightmare last night.


Anna W. said...

oh my goodness, the roads were hossible! glad you made it back ok! enjoy your day with Bradley!

Kim and Josh said...

This makes me laugh now that I live in Illinois. I remember those days! Around here drivers still fly on home like it's no big deal... what a change for me! Glad you made it home safe... I know how nerve wracking that can be!