Monday, February 21, 2011

Caught on camera

It's time for our weekly (more like bi-weekly) blog on the funny stuff Bradley says and does. 

During a recent trip to Target, while walking past the lingerie section, Bradley points and says loudly, "Boobie things! Boobie things." 
Awesome... just awesome.  I was so embarassed that I pushed the basket quickly on to get to the next, and much safer section in the store:  the socks.

Anecdote #2:  A couple nights ago, I left B alone because he had gone into his room to poop.  (Yep, he knows when he needs to go, and he wants to be left alone, but he refuses to go Number 2 on the potty.)  So I let him be to do his business.  However, a few minutes later Bradley came into the next room and announced that he was wearing makeup!

And THIS is what I saw:
 He had gotten into a red ink pad from a stamp set he'd gotten for Valentine's Day, and smeared ink all over his mouth- his idea of lipstick!!
I cracked up and am so glad I grabbed the camera and snapped this Kodak moment.  He'll kill me one day when he's older for this, but oh did I get a laugh at his expense this night!

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Anonymous said...

Well, I don't tell just anybody this story....but here it is for you! :) When my son (now nearly 26) was around 4 years old I was in a supermarket and on the aisle to pick up some tampons. As luck would have it...a VERY cute guy was just up the aisle from us. As I picked up the box, my son said, "I know what those are for!" I said, "oh yeah?" He then very loudly said, "YES! You put them up your butt" ha ha ha (imagine mortification on my face as the guy up the aisle started laughing and turned around quickly)! ha ha Needless to say, that is when I started CLOSING the bathroom door at home! ha ha