Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Grandma & Papa come to Florida

This past weekend Grandma and "Papa" came for a visit. It was too short as visits normally are, but it was great having mom and dad here for a few days. They got here early enough on Friday morning for me to go to my stroller class kid-less, which is a rare luxury to be able to concentrate on the class and not worry about Bradley the entire time. When I got home we all headed over to Tiger Point park to take advantage of the gorgeous sunny day. Bradley's favorite thing right now is the slide!

Swinging with Grandpa

I have no idea what he was yelling here, but the expression is priceless!

Climbing through one of the tunnels
After playing at the park we grabbed lunch at Firehouse Subs. Oh my gosh I love those sandwiches so much and it's probably because of the special sauce and melted cheese that is in no way healthy! After Bradley demolished his sandwich he played the spoon game with Grandma as he would clamp down after each bite of applesauce.

Brian had to work a weird overnight schedule on Friday, so the rest of us spent the rest of the day at home. Bradley napped and then I fixed a favorite chicken and pasta recipe of Giada DeLaurentis for dinner with sauteed zucchini and squash as a side for dinner. That night after B went to bed we watched Matt Damon in The Informant! The movie is very slow- all talk, no action, but the title character is quirky for sure. It was an entertaining pick for a buck.

Saturday morning Grandma B and Bradley watched Elmo while everyone got ready. I was hoping that having the grandparents here would keep B from asking for Elmo every five minutes, but that didn't happen. He is obsessed right now, and so I am begrudgingly obliging once or twice a day.

We headed over to the newly opened Gulf Breeze Zoo and spent the morning there. Brian and I went ahead and bought zoo passes so we can take Bradley whenever we want all season. This is Bradley with Grandma and Grandpa B in front of the zoo.

One cool thing is that you can buy a cup of feed and feed any of the animals. The giraffe was the coolest one by far that let Bradley feed him.

Mommy's little tiger

Family photo at the end of our zoo trip
Bradley with Grandma & Grandpa B. I thought the picture was good when I was taking it, but the sun was so bright that I guess I didn't notice that Bradley was making a weird face, and mom wasn't even looking at the camera- ha!

After the zoo and getting lunch at a local place I'd been wanting to try, Brian and dad spent the rest of the afternoon installing a timer for our sprinkler system. Nothing's ever as easy as it's supposed to be. 3 trips to Lowe's and several hours later into the darkness, the guys were successful in their task.

Chandler, who thinks he's a lap dog, snuggled up with mom on the couch. A few minutes later he started to snore, and mom fell asleep too with him laying on her like that.

Sunday morning we got up and went to church, and then changed into our UK gear and went to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the UK-Florida game. You'd think being in the state of FL the game would have already been on, but we had to request they put the game on the tvs, and also get them to turn the sound on. I forgot to take any pictures today. I guess I figured we have enough UK-clad pictures? After UK won, we said bye to mom and dad and they headed back to Tennessee.

Bradley woke up Monday morning and asked for Grandma and papa- he was confused as to why they weren't there! Don't worry little B, we'll see them in a month when we're up in TN for Easter! Thanks for the great visit, mom and dad. We'll see you soon.


Erin said...

Super cute pics of your little man! He is adorable. So glad your parents were able to come visit.

MamaB said...

Love the picture of B holding on to his spoon!! And doesn't Chandler look cozy on the couch??