Thursday, March 04, 2010

Computer Complaints

2010 has brought nothing but computer woes to me it seems! First there was the massive virus, then the week spent trying how to handle that, then the week at the computer shop. Then after getting it back home again, I couldn't get my pictures to offload from my camera (something I'm doing every few days in order to have new pictures to put in blog posts) and now the computer will not even turn on!! So I am back to using my decrepit, old, broken down Mac.

I am bored not being able to blog with pictures, and I'm sure you're bored reading this. Heck, I bet you're not Even reading this! You probably took one look and scanned down and saw no pictures of Bradley so you went on to your next stop on the world wide web. Can't say as I blame you.

I am on day 4 of the Transformation Challenge, and I'm excited to have Scottie Dog and Rhonda Lu doing it with me, long distance. So far, I finally tried out a local yoga class Tuesday night, and I am still sore from it- VICTORY! and then yesterday, I resisted sharing a bowl of ice cream with Brian at 10 o'clock at night, only because I had eaten some after lunch prior that day. FAILURE! And then after I said no, I made him give me bites anyways... EVEN BIGGER FAILURE! Today I'm going running though, and tomorrow I have stroller class to look forward to.

Oh yes, and one more thing- Mom and dad are coming to visit tomorrow! I am super excited since I haven't seen them since New Year's. And hopefully I'll be blogging soon (with pictures) about how we got our computer fixed once and for all.

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