Monday, March 22, 2010

Lions, & Tigers, & Llamas, Oh My!

This past weekend I finally got to meet my (quasi) new niece, Jaelynn. She's now 6 months old, but this was our first time getting to see her. On Saturday morning we took a trip to the Gulf Breeze Zoo, and the weather was perfect. Actually, I feel like a bad mommy because I forgot a hat and sunscreen for Bradley, so with the Florida sun, his cheeks are still a little rosy a few days later.
I snapped a picture of this peacock, with his tailfeathers up on display.

"Pretty bird, pretty bird"

Bradley loves getting to feed the animals at our zoo. The goats were particuarly enthusiastic about the feed today.

Check out the giraffe's tongue!

Grandma Anna and Baby J feed the giraffe

Daddy and B take a break

I snapped this picture, and moments later, Ann and I were both spit on by one of these culprits. All of a sudden, regurgitated llama food particles were spewed all over both our arms. Seconds later we smelled something awful and realized it was us that stank! After slathering on some B&BW lotion, the odor eventually went away. I knew that camels spit, but Llamas? Who knew?

The cougar with the cougar! ha ha

The Kangaroo mama and her Joey

First cousins, Bradley & Baby J

Thanks Grandma Anna for letting us ride the carousel! (Weight limit, Schmeight limit!)

Brian got this monkey to eat out of his hand. I loved the little baby monkey hanging onto its mama. Apparently, these are spider monkeys, so Brian and I had to quote our favorite cheese-tastic line from "Twilight,"

"Hold on tight, spider monkey."

And thanks to Grandma Anna, Bradley now recognizes Bella and Edward from the movies and can name them. Great... Another Twihard in the family! Speaking of, Jaelynn is a spitting image of Brian's sister Heather! She sat on my lap almost the entire time Sunday evening while we watched New Moon. I stayed awake for it all this time!

Aunt Amanda, Uncle Brian, niece Jaelynn, and cousin Bradley

Bradley gives baby J hugs and kisses
We had a fantastic weekend, and a great time meeting our new cousin/niece Jaelynn.

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