Monday, March 29, 2010

First summer bbq

What better way to spend a warm Friday evening than a barbeque with good friends? We are so blessed to have great friends who also happen to be great neighbors. Jess and Wes live next door with their son Wesley, who is 6 months younger than Bradley, and right next to them on the other side lives Kim, David, Catalina (age 5) and Andrew, who is 6 months older than Bradley.
So that's what we did. Wes grilled burgers, Jess made quesadillas, David brought over homemade Chilli's-esque chicken crispers, I made some velveeta shells and cheese (hey, it's what I had on-hand!), plus we had hot dogs, and potato salad. Jess bought the boys all matching shirts, and the kids played, the adults hung out, and we celebrated what felt like the first official night of summer.
All the girls, L to R: Ami, me, Jess, Kim, & Catalina

the boys in their matching frog shirts, Bradley, Andrew, & Wesley

Four friends, and sometimes running partners!

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