Thursday, August 09, 2007

Big Brother is Watching

I've been at work an hour and 23 minutes this morning, and the phones have been down, and are still down. For a company who makes its livelihood taking and making calls this gives us very little to do. We were sent an email this morning to handle whatever work-related stuff we could find to do that didn't require use of the phone till the issue was resolved. I think I can find plenty to keep me busy, I thought to myself.

Things at work have been off-kilter recently. My boss was asked politely to leave, the Big Boss (the one I am scared of, ever since that dreaded Solitaire episode a few years ago) has stepped in and decided to implement some changes and try and whip us into shape, and all during our busiest part of the year. Yesterday the bomb they dropped on us was to hand us work sheets to fill out daily with information detailing exactly how we spent our work day, what products we sold, and how much. Besides being micro-managed, which I hate, the information they are requesting I fill out manually is duplicated on our electronic log sheet we fill out after every call. These sheets were passed out to us without any explanation as to why they are necessary, and how they are beneficial. To a person like me, who knows they are good at what they do, and doesn't appreciate feeling like someone is watching my every move over my shoulder, it angered me to no end. So I emailed the powers that be, and in no uncertain terms, politely asked that there be explanation given before I would be filling out a single sheet.

Sure she may look sweet and innocent, and Compliant, but that could not be further from the truth. Nothing gets me fired up like unjust action from an authority figure, and so I make it my personal cause for me and everyone around me to stand up for our rights. I could get in trouble for this ordeal. I could even lose my job over this worksheet business, judging by how many people have been fired in the past year, but I can't sit idly by and be a company yes woman.


Anonymous said...

wow. that's quite the issue you have their. as i was reading i thought, "wait, did they get rid of the log sheets?" but, no, now you just have to do busy work, too. i'd write on the sheet that i spent my day filling out superfluous forms. that should do it. ~ari

Amanda said...

update: my stand-off lasted about a day. I was told by my team leader that if I wanted to continue to work here that I would have to comply and fill out the forms. Either that, or he was going to do them for me.

MamaB said...

Maybe this is just another sign that you need to really be searching for a job that uses your God-given talents and even though talking on the phone might seem like one, you have plenty of others that come to mind. Hang in there and pray for a change.

Anonymous said...

I say tell your team leader "thanks for doing them for me, I appreciate it."

That's what I'd say.