Tuesday, August 28, 2007

donut laugh... or do

Here is an amusing anecdote about work and breakfast pastries, and the witty comments that accompany them:

This morning there was a test of my willpower, and I passed the test. I was a good girl and refused the Dunkin Donuts that were placed before me, even though they are my favorite. My coworker Todd however, reached for a cream filled donut but grimaced when he took the first bite.
What is it? I asked him.
It's lemon, he said.
Do you not like lemon? I asked.
No, he said.

I looked at another co-worker, laughed and said, he picked a lemon- literally!

Hey- if I can't eat the donuts, at least I can laugh at those who do!


Mark Kelly Hall said...

So this brings up the age-old question...what are you supposed to make when life hands you lemon donuts? Discuss.

Amanda said...

i suppose you throw the lemon donuts into a pitcher of cold water with ice and sell it at a roadside stand?

Mark Kelly Hall said...

Sure...don't forget the boiled peanuts to go along with it. Ewgghh.

Sarah said...

Aww, I miss the Amandolin quippiness! So punny right now.

(SO not spell-checking this one.)