Monday, August 20, 2007

Mad about Plaid

I'm here to give mad fashion props out to Mama B, who recently purchased an inexpensive, trendy pair of shoes from none other than my favorite store in the world, and the center of my other blog today, Target! Mom is obsessive about wearing her Ravenwood Red & Black religiously the way I am devoted to the color pink. She scours the shelves and shoe racks and has quite the collection of red kicks. Mama B was particularly smug about this new plaid pair, featured here on the left in this week's Target ad:

She strutted down the halls of Ravenwood High School today and just waited for someone to stop and compliment her on her School-spirited shoes. And she walked, and she waited, and the compliments never came. So here's your public affirmation, Mom. The shoes are adorable and very YOU. Even though no one at school seemed to notice, I think you're adorable!

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MamaB said...

I was SO disappointed as you know--I called Laura and then you to tell you about it. It's not like I try to get compliments but when you wear something as trendy and cute and "school spirited" as these shoes are, you just KNOW that someone will notice. NOT. Thanks for the vote of confidence!!
Love, Mom