Monday, June 15, 2009

Free Beer & Hot Wings

Almost every story that my brother in law tells begins with these words:
So I was listening to "Free Beer & Hot Wings" the other morning...

FB&HW is a nationally syndicated morning radio show that apparently holds a special place in George's heart. He's constantly finding fun new websites to visit and hearing news of the weird that he reports back to us. The latest find was learning about this funny commercial for a furniture store in NC. I promise this one's worth the click on the link- you'll be singing the jingle for days after watching this.

Fast forward to this past Friday night. I went with Laura & George to Jonathan's, a local sports bar, to watch the Red Sox game on tv. George ordered a huge plate of nachos, and then got a plate of hot wings that he couldn't finish. After a while, the hostess came by our table and asked if we minded switching tables since the room in which we were sitting had been reserved for a private party. We happily obliged, grabbing all of our unfinished food and drink, moving to a table on the patio with the Red Sox game on a tv right in front of us. The manager came by later and thanked us for moving, and offered to buy us a round of beers. After he dropped off the beers a few minutes later, I exclaimed to George, hey, we've got free beer & hot wings!

We all laughed and George said that maybe he would call in Monday morning to the show and tell them the story. But. he said, they usually make fun of their callers, so maybe not. Well George, I took the liberty of emailing the show myself, so hopefully they make fun of you on the radio anyways.


Natrudy said...

OH MY GOODNESS! PLEASE tell me that commercial is a joke. That is HILARIOUS!

Mary Anna said...

I listen on my way to work every morning, and at work every morning. It's my much needed exposure to testosterone everyday.

At the Reeeeeeed House. Where black people and white people buy furniture!

And yes...they do make fun of their callers, but for good reason. They're actually a very polite bunch, but if you say or do something stupid, you'll get skewered.

Kristen said...

Hi - we've never met but I actually came across your blog when I did a search for the "Free Beer and Hot Wings" show. The blog is great! Will check back now that I've discovered it. Btw, I have known all 4 of the guys from FB and HW for several years and they are such gentlemen. They'd probably cringe if they knew they were being described that way because their show can be edgy but they really are nice, class acts.