Monday, June 15, 2009

12 month stats

Today was Bradley's 12 month checkup. He had to get 4 shots, and his finger pricked to test for anemia. As usual, he cried initially, but as soon as the bandaids were on the tears stopped. The doctor checked him out, and gave us the thumbs up for Bradley. Turns out our little chunky monkey has turned into a skinny mini though, as he's in the 19% for his age in weight, and the 20% for his age in length. Dr. Bryan isn't worried about the slow in growth, so I'm trying not to either, given that breastfed babies at this age do tend to slow down. Anywho, 12 month stats are officially as follows:
  • weight: 20 lbs. 15 oz.
  • length: 29 inches
  • Cruising around the house like a champ (for those not familiar with baby jargon, as I wasn't a year ago, this is where they get around by walking while holding onto furniture)
  • Clapping his hands, and seeking approval for everything
  • Knows what 'No' means, but doesn't always listen!
  • Finally allowed to eat table food. Beans seem to be a favorite of his- back, white, or baked
  • Using his sippy cup at will now
  • Loves, loves, loves Books and Music

We are done with checkups until 18 months (ie a year and a half).

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Rhonda said...

yay! Well I'm SO glad I got to give your skinny mini hugs & kisses this week :)