Friday, November 16, 2007

An Opera Opportunity not to be missed

Ugh... Friday afternoons are the worst! The weekend is so close, yet so far away. I should be making calls, but I'd rather blog and tell you what I'm doing this weekend. You the reader will glean more from my blogging than my calling out anyways, so I think the choice is a no-brainer!

Tonight I'm treating myself to an evening of culture. The Nashville Opera is premiering a brand-new opera, never done by another company before, called Elmer Gantry. Based on the novel by the same title, it's an American opera (sung in English) about an early 20th century evangelist named (you guessed it) Elmer Gantry and his rise to fame in rural America. The opera promises to mix classical styles with gospel and hymns for a distinct American flavor. I'm excited too, because Tadders has a small solo role as a member of a gospel quartet. Another interesting thing about this opera is that the male and female leads are a baritone and a mezzo-soprano, instead of your typical wimpy tenor and shrieking soprano. If you're a Nashvillian and you choose to go, click here or here for more info!

Tomorrow's schedule proves to be a busy one: yoga, followed by a breakfast with 2 of my favorite gals, MA & Emmy Sue. The UK game comes on at 11:30, and then tomorrow night we're celebrating Lana & Siebe's birthdays at the ever-trendy Cabana. Mix in some boxing and packing and moving, and you've got yourself and action-packed weekend!


Mark Kelly Hall said...

Too bad for you about the UK game...and facing a (relieved) Tennessee team on a mission next week (to go to Atlanta and to recover their dignity). Ah, well, hope you enjoyed the rest of the weekend.

And, hello: "opera-tunity" was right there in the palm of your hand...where's the clever wordplay when it counts? : )

I don't mind admitting I despise opera, and it's worse in English. But that's just me.

JS alert:
Sat. Nov. 24 10pm

Mary Anna said...

I had so much fun seeing your shining face on Saturday morning!