Thursday, November 15, 2007

Change: You can bank on it.

I'm a self-proclaimed Change hater. Moving is never fun for me. I'm still figuring out how to stay caught up on Grey's Anatomy when it comes on at the same time as The Office on Thursday nights (why did you switch from Sundays to Thursdays ABC?! A curse upon you!) And a few months ago when Regions Bank took over AmSouth I put off activating my new Green card as long as possible in a feeble attempt to hang onto my trusty royal blue Amsouth card as long as I could. Change is inevitable in life, and it's happening all around me. I just was made aware of it this morning as I finally heaved a sigh of reluctant acceptance, and decided to bite the bullet and update my bookmarks on my yahoo homepage.

I have all of my important and highly used web pages bookmarked on my yahoo home page so that they're all easily accessible. So I resolved to update them all this morning.
"Amsouth" became "Regions Bank."
"Cingular" became "AT&T."
"MBNA" became "Bank of America."
And as I stared at my now unrecognizable list of bookmarked pages I felt as though I had stepped into an alternate universe! What is going on in our society of conglomerates and corporate buy-outs? What happened to stability and a company name you can trust? I don't adjust easily to this. Mentally I still think "cingular bill" for my cell phone, and if I'd wanted an account with Bank of America instead of MBNA I would have signed up for one with them in the first place! Don't settle too much, because a bigger and better company will come along and buy out your trusted business before you know it.


Anonymous said...

change is inevitable. the great thing is that it makes us stronger in the process and reminds us that just because we are comfortable with something doesn't necessarily mean that it's the best thing for us. nuzzles. ~ari

Mary Anna said...

Agreed with the whole corporate takeover thing. It's a little ridiculous.

Amanda said...

I hear what you're saying Ari, but I don't see how having to pay my bill to AT&T every month versus Cingular makes me a better, stronger person.

Anonymous said...

it just shows that you can adapt to change. don't you love talking in circles? ~ari

lisathom said...

Change in inevitable, except for vending machines - unknown (to me)