Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Selling for Schrutes

Do any of you ever feel like you are living your life trapped in "Office Space" or an episode of NBC's "The Office?" We kicked off our month yesterday morning with a meeting presenting our new sales contest- Brentwood Benson Bingo. Every time we earn a Bingo on our card, we get a ticket, which are redeemable for prizes at the end of every work week.
Suddenly I blink and I am looking at Dwight Schrute asking me to work extra hard to earn useless Schrute Bucks. Worth one one-hundreth of a cent. I snap back into reality and I almost laughed out loud in our meeting but instead saved the snide comments for an email to fellow "Office" watchers after we returned to our desks. So now here I sit, filling up my days earning Bingo tickets and feeling completely ridiculous doing so.
Sidenote: Brad promised me one thousand Schrute Bucks this past Sunday if I got a hit at my last at bat. I did, and now I'm waiting for him to pay-up! It certainly had me laughing at the plate, even if I never get my money.


emmysue said...

AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I love it! Have a good day, and go earn your Schrute Bucks!

Rhonda said...

That is HA-larious!!!! Just don't let them say that you totally Shruted it!

Mary Anna said...

The president of Lifeway has a bobblehead of himself, yes, himself, in his office. During my tour on my second day of employment, he shows our group his bobblehead, and I *almost* blurted out, "you're like Dwight Shrute!!!" Thankfully, I was able to keep the word vomit captive... I'm not so sure I would've succeeded in making a great impression...

Anonymous said...

Sure, laugh it up now, but when I'm cashing in my Shrute Bucks for valuable prizes and being invited to vacation with the boss and being wooed for a promotion from "Assistant Regional Manager" to "Lieutenant Regional Manager" (which is like Assistant Regional Manager only with more power and epaulets)...you'll be BEGGING for more Shrute Bucks to spend with your pathetic slacker friends.

DS, A.R.M.

P.S.: Please don't mention I was blogging during work hours.

Anonymous said...

oh man... I miss that place SO much! ha! :) Hey- at least you get free stuff...I get free coffee.

you & me: hang out soon!