Monday, June 25, 2007

The Big Bang Theory

If you have not yet tried out Nashville's newest hot spot, you must run, not walk, to Big Bang. Located on south Broadway directly across from the Stage, Big Bang is Nashville's dueling pianos watering hole, and makes for a great night out of enjoying a choice beverage if you so choose and singing along to the classics.
I have a hypothesis- a supposition- an idea- nay, a theory, about why Big Bang is such a popular hangout.
One, it's brand new- only open a few weeks, so all the seen-and-be-seen people are out in droves to pay a visit to the newest edition to the So-Bro bars.
Two, if you ever made a trip to Chitown when it was still on Demunbreun years ago, you will remember that it was always packed. That's why I was baffled when they closed their doors to become yet another honky-tonk with crude fowl-mouthed guitar playing idiots, and I promptly emailed the management and told them just that. However, what Chitown lacked in space and layout, Big Bang has overcome superbly. There is a stage with ample room for both grand pianos, plus when the mood strikes, one of the pianists switches over to playing the drums that are positioned behind the pianos, and a guitar player comes running onstage to round out the band for a particularly raucous number.
There is a large open space on the floor in front of the stage, making it a perfect dancefloor, or just room for spectators to stand. across from the stage there is a raised area with tables, bars at either end of the room, and even a front covered outdoor patio with tables that overlooks South Broadway.
So what is it that makes Big Bang such a popular hangout, and why do I think that this new it-bar will stick around for a while? Because this is Nashville; Everyone's a singer! Who doesn't want to go out with a group of friends and sing along to all your favorite songs? At one point on Saturday evening, the 2 guys started playing Garth Brooks' Friends in Low Places, and then they stopped and let the crowd sing a capella. We made it all the way through the first verse, the chorus, the second verse, and went into the 2nd chorus before the pianists jumped back in, and miraculously we we still in the right key and everything! (I love Nashville)


Anonymous said...

i can't wait to go!!!!

Mandy said...

Love the Big Bang! I had the MOST FUN!

Mary Anna said...

Unfortunately, you failed to mention that our little Mandingo was assaulted by the crazy-drunk wife of the man that's swingin' her around in those photos. And even more unfortunately, I cannot repeat her words to Mandy in this forum, as it is highly inappropriate---Yet somehow, so, so hi-larious.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if that's a dress or a top you're wearing there, but I LOVE it!!!

(That didn't really make since - you would obviously have bottoms on too if in fact it is a get my point!)