Sunday, June 17, 2007

All in a dad's day

It was a typical father's day... we went to church (Travis Cottrell led worship- it was a phenomenal experience), we went to lunch (Bonefish Grill.. a slightly traumatic event for me having to do with unintentionally-eaten fish scales), and went back to the house where we gave dad his father's day presents, and Laura climbed through the doggie door! Yes, this is a typical Sunday afternoon in the Bradley household!Just a swingin': Dad and his daughters

Laura asseses the situation while Oscar looks on curiously

In she goes.... can she make it? YES!


Anonymous said...

what about the communication problem? you almost drove to murfreesboro!

Leigh Gray said...

Amanda - your name sounds so famliar...... Do you happen to know my cousin named Heather Hargis?? She is a native Nashville girl too. and was once in christian publishing... anyway - had fun looking through your blog!!

Leigh Gray

Bethany said...

I love the picture! You guys are so cute!

Mary Anna said...

Do you realize that you said that Laura "asses" the situation instead of "assesses" the situation? In other words, Laura used her ass to define the situation. Hi-Larious.

MamaB said...

That was probably correct--Laura did ASSES the situation!!! I doubted she could fit through that door but she proved us all wrong. Of course, no one mentioned the little push I gave to her upper body parts to get her through the door!!!

Anonymous said...

so what! my boob got stuck.