Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Susan is Sixty

Happy birthday to my amazing mother, who is 60 years young today.  She is a remarkable woman of many attributes, many of which I take after.  Most notably, one of her nicknames is Little General (my Grandma Huber was famously known as The General) and I have been, on more than one occasion been dubbed the Little Little General, a title which I wear proudly.  Otherwise, nothing would ever get done!
Smart Susi:  Mom always points out how smart she was for pointing to the camera man
Small Susi
Awesome bangs on Sophomore-in-high-school Susi
Saved by the Susi:  the College Years
 Some more S words to describe my mom:
Stubborn, Self-sacrificing, sarcastic, sassy, sleepy, sedentary, strong, secretarial, sea hag, senile, short, seriously gullible (the Little Haubstadt Bakery, mom?  Really?), sociable, spotted, sour-loving, superhuman, supportive, scholarly, seamstress, sports fan, selfless.

She's also an amazing cook, and it's too late at night for me to come up with a synonym that starts with S.

Happy birthday, Mama B!  Love you!

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MamaB said...

OMG--I never knew I was so many "S's".
You forgot one though--SO lucky to have a loving husband, two beautiful,funny and talented daughters, one "we're so happy he is our" son-in-law, two adorable grandsons and many cherished family members. Sixty is great because of you all!