Monday, April 15, 2013

Let's Talk About Six, Baby

From Sixty to Six Months:  I've been slacking on my duties as aunt to the most adorable little boy, so I thought it was appropriate that Atticus Roy Murdoch make his debut on his 6 month birthday.  When Atticus was born, Bradley cried because we didn't get to bring him home from the hospital with us!  But he loves his cousin, and can now dance and make Atticus laugh.  This little chunky monkey is 20 pounds, wearing 9 month clothes, making spitting noises, rolling over, and eating solid food that my Martha-Stewart-of-a-sister is pureeing herself.

So, it is my dutiful job as Atticus' aunt (I am already predicting with a name that ends with an 'S' that this kid is going to be a conscientious user of the apostrophe and teach all his peers its proper use)- I bring you 6 months' worth of gratuitous photos:
October 15, 2012
New Parents
Turkey Butt
Christmas Day - 2 months old
Fancy New Years Party Outfit
Tebowing at 3 months
Fist pumping in his sleep
Grandma & Papa with Little A and Little B
Best initials ever:  ARM!
Walking really tuckered him out.. and by walking, I mean riding in a stroller!
Almost 4 months old
Easter 2013 - 5 months
Ready for Baseball Season
He belly laughs at his daddy, likes to be bounced, has no teeth yet, and we are all rapt with attention whenever he is around.  Thankfully, Laura and George live close by, so I get to see my nephew about every other week.  He is the closest thing Bradley has to a sibling, and so likewise, he adores him.  Time has flown, Little nephew, and I look forward to spoiling you rotten, and Bradley looks forward to being both a bad influence and best playmate with you.
I am 6 months old!


MamaB said...

Great blog about our little Atticus!! 6 months have gone by so quickly! And just think what these next 6 months will bring: teeth, sitting up, crawling, walking, and talking! Watch out world!

Laura Murdoch said...

I am amazed at how my little peanut has grown. Everyday he changes.