Saturday, February 02, 2013

Gallery Night: Preschool Style

Last night Bradley's school held an Art Exhibit night.  All of the classes worked on various art projects to display, some modeled after famous artists' works.
4A's art inspired by Kandinsky

The artist and his work (B's is the middle one, bottom row)
The preschool was hopping on a Friday night - a far cry from his previous daycare's lame attempt at nighttime events.  These parents and kids actually showed up!  Bradley had fun running around with his friends, and I had trouble keeping up with him through the throngs of people.

Caught playing with a friend
Diarama made by B and a few friends
And of course, what gallery night would be complete without cheese and crackers, and a little sparkling grape juice?  They really know how to host an event!
Bradley's class made objects out of clay as one of their projects
He's been in a bat phase for a while
This cracked me up
Painting with Salt
Bradley was channeling the minimalists' with his art - less is more!  Some of his classmates' sheets were filled with color, but this little one just has not patience for art.  When he was younger, I thought it was just a matter of maturity.  Now I've come to accept that it's just boys being boys, so when it comes to him drawing me a picture, or sitting down to attempt an art project with him, I'll take what I can get.

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Rachel said...

how cute, I wish K's preschool did something like this...