Monday, April 02, 2012

On, on U of K

I am too excited to put too much thought into this post in getting ready for the biggest Kentucky game of my life. Yes, I remember the 92 Laetner shot, but I was only 12. I remember the 96 and 98 championships, but I was 15 and 17, respectively. Now I am an adult, UK is my alma mater, and I have much more of a vested interest in the outcome of this game. There are too many stats to quote- like that Anthony Davis won 5 of the 6 major awards given to college basketball players, that we are the winningest college basketball program of all time, that we are 37-2 this season, and went a perfect 16-0 in the SEC, and many more which show just how amazing this season has been.

We re-created the C-A-T-S shot on Saturday night after the Cats beat the Cards in what was one of the most awesome rivalry game ever- seriously, if you haven't read the story about the old men fist fighting in the dialysis clinic, click here to be entertained and amazed at how hardcore the Big Blue Nation is. The quotes are priceless.


On Saturday, B was absentmindedly humming the UK fight song during the game. I'm not gonna lie: this was one of my prouder parenting moments! He also knows more of the words than most of the UK student population, I'd wager. (Thank you, UK Chorale, for teaching me the words to sing for the rest of my UK fandom years) Tonight I am hopeful Bradley will go to bed on time so I can watch the game in semi-peace, minus all of the stress I am bound to put on myself.

#8 is within our grasp. Let's Go Big Blue!!!

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