Thursday, April 12, 2012

Confession Time: My Love for Fast Food, Part One

I've been accused of neglecting the blog, which I do not deny, so I figured I'd better get to writing, and that whatever I write had better be good to have kept you waiting for so long. So here's my story. Don't judge me. Or do, and leave funny comments.

Confession Time: My Love for Fast Food, Part One

I have been on this vegetarian kick now for almost a year. Like a lot of things in life right now, I've been waffling on the issue, trying to figure out where I really stand. The growth hormones added to our standard processed meat, along with the corn they feed the animals (genetically modifed corn, I might add) and the antibiotics to keep the cramped animal masses healthier, just make me sick to think about. Depending on the origin, even organic-labeled meat might not be safe, or what you are lead to believe it is.

So for almost a full year now, I have avoided eating any meat, except for Christmas Day, when I consumed the delicious grass fed, organic beef filet prepared by Laura, and a teensy amount of bacon that was in her quiche. The rest of the time, I have gone sans pepperoni on my pizza, eaten my fair share of veggie burritos, and avoided fast food restaurants like the plague. But oh, how I do love and miss my fast food places. You know which one. Don't make me say it out loud.

It's really hard to avoid the heavenly french fries. Sure, I could order them, but they admittedly put a damper on my meatless salads and cause me to long for a burger or some chicken nuggets to pair with them instead. So I'll eat a few of someone else's fries, and half-heartedly enjoy my salad. I also am robbed of my Coke experience at these places now, because who wants to eat a salad and drink a Coke? What a gross combination! So I sip my water, pondering how much better it is for me, while I daydream of my burger, fries and Coke from the days of yore. Hence the reason I have been avoiding eating at fast food places. They're just no fun anymore. I would wager that the only people that can truly sing the "I'm lovin' it" jingle, or really commit to the whole "food, folks, and and fun" culture are those who are consuming the ubiquitous fatty fried goodness these places have to offer. The rest of us are sore-sportedly munching on lettuce (because Lord help us, there are no other vegetarian options), and sipping our water while our friends go for their Coke refills and pump more ketchup for their fries. There is a small sector who I believe is grossed out enough by the unhealthiness of these places that they either refuse to go there, or they sit there judging all the rest of the over-eaters, while they eat the healthiest thing they can find on the menu. I hope to be there some day. (well, not the judging part- but the part that's not bitter about how good your french fries and Quarter Pounder are.) But I'm not there yet... and that's where I'll leave you for today.

To be continued...

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