Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Dad Gum It's St. Nick's Day!

Another year almost over, another St. Nicholas Day, and yes, today also marks the beginning December-long celebration at work called Dad Gum It's Christmas!!

I'm heading home after work tonight to have dinner with the family and open our stockings to see what St. Nick brought us. For a detailed explanation, see December 2004's post on the holiday!

I have been listening to Christmas music at work, and I have my cube decorated with lights, a tree, a pink fiber-optic angel, my Kentucky Blue Santa hat, and a stocking hung by the cubicle with care, in hopes that coworkers will bring me presents and treats! (You think that's a bit over-board?) So far I've received several offers for lumps of coal, and 40 cents in my stocking!


MamaB said...

It was a good St. Nick's Day!! One of my favorite stories about St. Nick's Day is when I was little and we lived on St. Louis Avenue, we had neighbors who were not catholic and did not celebrate St. Nick's Day. We would get stuff (oranges and apples and a little candy) in our stockings and when we would tell our neighbors about it, they would feel unlucky that they didn't get anything. So the neighbor mom would always ask my mom to let her know "when that fellers birthday was so she could put something in her kids' stockings too". That was one of Grandmas favorite stories to tell. And now it is one of mine.

Anonymous said...

What did you get from St. Nick?