Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The 12 Days of a Cannelton Christmas

The Bradley clan did something different for Christmas this year. After attending the 9am Christmas Eve service, we piled into 2 cars with our 3 dogs and all our presents and headed up to Cannelton for a fun old-fashioned family Christmas (minus Chevy Chase). Things are always chaotic when all the families get together (chaotic in a good way) but I thought the best way to break it down would be in a creative (& accurate for the most part) list to the tune of the Twelve Days of Christmas. So without further ado...

On the Twelfth day of a Cannelton Christmas my family gave to me

12. glasses of punch dad drank on Christmas Eve
11. times Braedon & Nicole listened to the Wiggles songs on repeat while singing and dancing
10. number of adults that fit around the Big Table on the back porch for dinner
9. Grandkids at the house
8. the combined number of stores to which Mom & Dad got gifts card this year
7. pieces of our traditional homemade coffee cake the four Bradleys collectively ate on Christmas morning
6. the number of cameras we had snapping pictures of the various family groups around Papa & the Christmas tree
5. different dogs at the house (Stockwell, Oscar, Ginger, Oreo, & Julius)
4. siblings present (Mom, Lisa, Kristina, and Michael)
3. the number of times I walked around the entire Tell City, IN Walmart to buy some last
minute forgotten things on Christmas Eve for my mother
2. Great-Grandkids at the house (Natalee & Nicole)
1. Great-Grandfather/Grandfather/dad to bring us all together in one Mr. Harry Lee Huber

I sincerely hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas!!


Anonymous said...

I came home on the 23rd. Imagine how shocked I was when there was noone from the Huber family at the Pumper. I was disappointed. Sounds like you had a good Christmas. Wish everyone in your family a Happy New Year for me.


Anonymous said...

Good Christmas blog... hope you had a good one. We are still here in the great state of Texas! ;) Call ya when we get back.

ps - glad you're back to blogging again - thought you were a goner there for a while! :)


MamaB said...

This is a great re-cap of our Cannelton Christmas. As always, your blogs are the highlight of my day!! Love you.