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In what I hope might be a recurring segment* on the DIVA Domain, I bring you the first of DIVA's spin on Dear Abbey, in hopes that practical answers to real life questions might entertain and educate our readers.  Names have been omitted to protect the not-so-innocent.

Dear DIVA,

I need to find a new lip gloss/chapstick with color that isn't sticky or drying.  Recommendations? I know you use to like the Fresh Sugar stuff.I kissed a boy the other night (yes, that's correct) and my lip gloss was extremely tacky and not pleasant. Since you're an expert in this area (yes, making out and lip gloss), I am seeking your advice. Thanks,

Sticky in Steamy Makeoutville

Dear Sticky,

Let me ponder... Yes, sticky, tacky lip glosses are no bueno when it comes to tonsil hockey.  I do really love the Fresh Sugar - there are multiple shades, and it smells fresh and lemony, and goes on creamy and smooth- however, it is NOT a gloss.  It just moisturizes your lips and gives them a soft stain of color.

If you want something glossy that isn't sticky, I like the C.O. Bigelow glosses.  I know Bath & Body Works sell them.  There are several "flavors" and again, just light sheer color, but this way you get the gloss.  I will say the tackier the gloss, the more staying power it seems to have.  These C.O. Bigelow ones don't seem to last long, so I would definitely start with a lip primer and/or lip liner and fill in your entire lips before layering the gloss to help it stay put.

The Juicy tubes by Lancome aren't that bad either as far as stickiness goes.  But if you're planning a makeout session, plan ahead and line your lips and go for a subtle lip color like the ones I mentioned above, or even Burt's Bees wax has some nice cheap tinted glosses and stains.  Point is, don't wear super glossy, sticky gloss (or red lipstick!) if you're planning to smooch right away.  You could wear these types of lip gloss at the beginning of a date and just not re-apply through the night, so that by the time dinner and a movie is over, the color has worn off enough that it won't be all over your guy.

However, if you're kissing from the moment you see him, you hussy, then he clearly doesn't need a glossy lip to draw him in, so forgo the gloss and go for the subtler stains as mentioned above.  

Yours truly,

the DIVA

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