Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Oh Say Did You Sync?

Lip Sync, that is.  Yes, Beyonce, I am talking to you.  Say it isn't so, Mrs. Jay-Z!  Why would you feel the need to pre-record and perfect the national anthem when you are standing still and singing the Star Spangled Banner for such a momentous occasion?  It's not like you were dancing and huffing and puffing, or singing in a stadium where the echo would throw you off.  And you are a darn good singer.  So I don't see why you would cheapen the song and reduce it to singing along to a recording.

When I heard you sing Monday, your rendition of the national anthem was amazing, or at least it was before I heard rumors that you were lip syncing.  Now it's just a big old fat disappointment.  Just like the first lady's red inaugural gown.

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