Monday, January 21, 2013

Law School Bound

We interrupt these regularly scheduled movie reviews for some important information:  as most of you know, I have decided to get off my rear end and pursue a childhood dream of mine to become a lawyer.  21, oh alright, 32, is not too late, and so next month I will begin my 4 year adventure into law school.

I admit that when I look at the paltry amount of blogs I posted last year that I am ashamed.  Though 2012 was a turning point for me as I navigated the waters of dating once again, and spent almost half a year studying for the LSAT, as well as working full time and of course taking care of the Little One.  There were many pictures not posted, and many stories not told in the blogosphere, and I hope to step up my game in 2013.

I love to write, and I do enjoy sharing the humorous anecdotes I can pull out of life, encouraging testimonies of faith, things of the contemporary world such as political commentary, movie and concert reviews, and yes, documenting the family life in words and pictures.  I'm sure I'll have more dating horror stories to regale you with (I'm still saving a good one for you all) and of course gripe about school and being tired I'm sure, but I hope the three or so of you who have stuck by me and still read this blog from time to time will hang around a little longer.

And if not, that's okay too, because I'm happy to keep on writing even if it's just for me, and won't have too much time to cry over lost readers!

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Emily said...

I'm still here and reading! Proud of you.