Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Things I'm obsessed with these days

  • John Mayer's newest album, Born and Raised - for me he's the songwriter who tracks right along with where I am in life, from the self-discovery of my early 20's, to the dating and breakups in the years that followed, and now he tackles getting older.  I love his lyrics, and yes, his gravelly smoky voice.  I agree he's a polarizing figure; you either love him or you hate him.  My favorite track on this album is a tie between the "Age of Worry" and "Something Like Olivia."
  • The Pistol Annies - I still can't believe I hadn't heard of them before a few months ago. Do yourself a favor ladies, and check out the killer country twang, tight harmonies, and snarky girl power of their single, "Hell on Heels."
  • I am loving my no-frills moisturizer, CeraVe, recommended to me by my dermatologist.
  • Kale... who knew it was so tasty?
  • I have no choice but to be surrounded with Star Wars and Superheros.  I'm learning more about either than I ever wanted to. Welcome to the world of little boys!

    • My new Kate Spade purse.  She's my first, despite the fact that I have been obsessing over these designer bags for the past 11 years... But who's counting? I snagged this oversized leather bag on super-sale and am pleased with my purchase.
    • Bullet points
    • And for my guilty summer pleasure : season 2 of the Glee Project.

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    Kim said...

    LOVE the Glee Project!