Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Reaching a milestone

For his 4th birthday, Bradley got a really cool Spider Man "big boy" bike with training wheels to graduate from his piece-of-crap plastic tricycle. I don't care if I age myself when I use the phrase sincerely, "they just don't make toys the way they used to!"

As our driveway is sloped and we live on a hill, there isn't anywhere for Bradley to ride here, so we have to head to the park to get some pedaling practice in. Here are a few pictures from our first venture at the park:

And one from the 4th of July neighborhood bike parade:

I was so proud of him on July 4th because they had the kids all ride around the roundabout in our neighborhood, which turned out to be up and down a hill, and much further than I thought the parade's path would be.  

Last week however, we went to the park one night after dinner and Bradley was able to ride the entire mile loop around the park. My wheels are spinning (pun intended) and I am hoping to have a new exercise buddy! If he can pedal, I will have someone to go running with, or at least next to! I have visions of sugarplums and mother-son workout time dancing around in my head.  But for now, I am just proud of him for learning how to ride, and excited that he has reached this "milestone."

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