Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bradley the Bookworm

This summer Bradley participated in the library's summer reading program.  I was delighted to discover they have reading programs available for pre-readers.  My summers were always spent doing reading programs at the library, and it is important to me that Bradley's love for reading is nurtured like mine was.

Grandma B was able to take Bradley to the library for story hour and to check out books, and thanks to her, Bradley participated in the reading program.  Here's a picture of his bingo-card-like check list of activities to do in order to win prizes.  
After 6, Bradley got an orange water bottle, and after 12, he was able to pick out a book of his choosing.  Bradley immediately went for the book about stars and constellations.
We make reading aloud every night a priority, and I hope his love for reading continues as he gets older.

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MamaB said...

Wow. The blog is back!!! The library times have been fun for Bradley and for me...reminds me of the many trips the girls and I made to the libraries each summer and the reading programs and free pizza from pizza hut. I loved seeing his excitement when finding books that sparked his many interests: , Halloween, monsters, dinosaurs, dragons, and every book about pumpkins!!