Monday, May 14, 2012

A Special Mother's Day

I woke up on Mother's Day feeling like I hadn't slept a wink.  An early morning visitor who tossed and turned in bed with me for an hour left me groggy as I crawled out of bed on Sunday morning, and prepared the nebulizer for my congested little boy.  This, I thought, is what being a mother is all about!

When I picked Bradley up from church (don't worry, he wasn't contagious or running a fever!) I was treated to a homemade card and a picture with his hand prints- treasures I will keep forever.  When we walked into the house after church, we were greeted by a spread of quesadillas, guacamole, pico de gallo, 2 kinds of beans, rice, and chips, compliments of Chef Laura.  My sweet sis even made me my own special vegetarian quesadilla because let's face it folks- if it ain't a greasy McDonald's cheeseburger, I'm just saying NO to meat.
My home made picture B made at church this past Wednesday night
Me and My Little Angel on Mother's Day
 After we all ate way too much, the moms opened their presents.  Laura and I got mom a deluxe size of her favorite Bare Minerals makeup, and a brand new coffee maker with a built in grinder.  Everyone in my family drinks coffee, and yet we continue to use a cheapo coffee maker that spills every time you pour from the pot, and a broken coffee grinder that you have to stick a knife in to get the grinder to work.  Both were extremely ghetto.  We decided that a new and improved coffee maker was long overdue.

 I got a homemade card from Bradley, along with a refridgerator magnet with his picture on it that he made at daycare, and my first-ever Tervis Tumbler.  I was very excited to take this baby to work today and sip water all day with the worry-free, no-sweat cup.  Mom told me that at the store, they had several different kinds of Tervis Tumblers, and that Bradley really wanted to buy me a Toy Story cup, but she convinced him to get one that I would like... so he chose the Kentucky one.
Super excited about my Tervis Tumbler- how have I made it this long without one?!
 The best gift I received was a paper that Bradley answered all about me at daycare.  I laughed reading every answer with his perceptions of his mom.  Some favorite answers of mine:
  • I think my mom is 58 years old.
  • I think my mom weighs 40 pounds.
  • When my mom grows up she wants to be a real princess.
  • My mom wears a size high heel shoe.
  • My mom's favorite color is purple.  (Clearly I have not bombarded him with enough pink, so I'll have to remedy that!
Roses from a special guy, delivered on Sunday morning
 Another gift I received was a drawing of me and Bradley taken from a picture.  At first glance, I thought it looked like my mom with Bradley.  Apparently at first glance, Bradley thought the same thing!!!  I guess I must just look really old, which explains the jowells on this drawing, and explains why Bradley thinks I am 58 years old.
The inspiration for the drawing
I made Snapfish cards this year, and nearly had a panick attack when they didn't come until Saturday's mail!  I made one card for mom from Bradley, and then Laura and I went in together and created one that said "Our favorite things about our mom," on the front, where we proceeded to list some serious (how she takes up fiercely for those she loves), but mostly funny (how she exaggerates everything... her elastic waistband pants... how she mixes up phrases) reasons why we love Mama B.  She laughed; she cried; it was better than Cats.

After the lunch settled, we enjoyed chocolate ganoche cake and strawberry shortcake for lunch, and had an all-around nice afternoon together despite the gloomy rainy weather.

Finally, a picture with all the Moms and Moms-to-Be on Mother's Day...

That's right- all of the Bradley women are mothers... Laura Lee is expecting a baby this October!  Congrats to Laura and George, Happy Mother's Day to my amazing mom, and happy first Mother's Day to my beautiful sister!  Being a mom is the best/hardest job in the world, and I'm thankful I am so close (both literally & figuratively) to my mom and sister as she begins this journey as a mom, too.

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MamaB said...

It was a wonderful Mother's Day. The cards were great and yes they did make me cry AND laugh. The new coffeemaker is great and in my defense, I do have a Keurig but only use it on special occasions (special as in when I can afford the coffee pods to go in it!).
It was a great day and having both daughters as a mom and mom-to-be made me even more special. Can't wait until next year!