Saturday, May 12, 2012

B-Hind: age 3 3/4

Catching up on some random pictures from the past few months, this is Bradley at age 3 3/4.

Darth Vader Obsessed
Blowing Bubbles... remember when you were a kid...?
Franklin Main Street Festival with Grandma & Papa
His first-ever play at the Nashville Children's Theatre:  "Click Clack Moo"
The Green Lantern mask McDonald's toy from the fateful Cheeseburger day
Watching a book on the computer at the library
Swinging in the back yard
3 Goggles Up!
Riding a horse and blowing kisses at the Franklin Main Street Fesitval
Blowing dandelions
Drawing a picture of his family
Trying on his hat different ways- this was my favorite
Hawaiian shaved ice at the Franklin Main Street Festival
Making a silly face

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