Monday, February 20, 2012

The Weezers

"My best friend Heather from home," which is how many of have heard me to refer to her, was in town this weekend. Bradley and I drove over to west Nashville on Saturday and met Heather and her sister Angie, and poor Bradley was such a trooper as we hopped from place to place. We had lunch at Bluecoast Burrito, then went to Steinmart, Angie's house, Fabu, the Container store and a few other places in Green Hills mall, and finally to Maffiozas for dinner. He went with us from store to store and was an angel even though he wasn't really looking "with his eyes and not with his hands" like I asked him to, but he's 3, what do you expect?!

Right as we were leaving lunch, Angie let Bradley in on a little secret: Heather's childhood nickname: Weezer. Well B thought this was just
about the funniest thing ever, and so the next store we went to, he
hollared loudly for Weezer in every single aisle, much to the
amusement of the other Steinmart patrons. What goes around comes
around, they say, so Bradley connected the dots and determined that if Heather was "Weezer," then Angie must be the "Other Weezer." So
that's what he called them all weekend. Sunday morning, he woke up and wanted to know where "the Weezers" were!

The Weezers came over for a late Sunday lunch, and then since
Bradley's daycare was closed for professional development on Monday,
he and I got to spend the entire day playing with Weez. We picked up
Heather and drove to get hot tea from Starbucks, and then to the open
gym time at Pump It Up where Bradley proceeded to expend lots of
energy in a 2 hour period, and Heather and I got time to sit and catch
up. We even almost got dragged into a Brentwood Mom fight between
these two women whose kids were being bullied.

Side-stepping the mama drama, we convinved Bradley without too much
trouble that it was time to leave Pump It Up and go get some lunch.
Heather's and my "thing" growing up was chicken fingers, and knowing
she doesn't have an abundance of chicken finger places up her way, we
decided to go to McDougall's. I'll admit, I was really tempted to
cave and enjoy some fried buffalo tenders, but spotting the grilled
cheese on the menu, I went with that. Until I truly decide where I stand on the whole eating meat issue, I didn't want to cave now.

After lunch, we went home and I got Bradley down for his nap then
Heather and I had a little Grey's Anatomy/Private Practive mini
marathon. We colored, played Bat Cave and baseball with B once he got
up from his nap, and then enjoyed an early supper of breakfast-for-dinner, where I made Heather the most utterly boring omelet ever, (Seriously. Just Italian seasoning? No cheese? Who
does that?) followed by a semi-healthy dessert of chocolate fondue with fruit.

I dropped Heather off that night, and then met up for one last dinner
hurrah last night at Chuy's before she departed again for the land of
the yuppies and fiber-optic cable, where Angie and I had a laugh at
Heather's expense at the Blondie Cowboy Mouth event, and the story
about the man who had "the AIDS" helping her put air in her tire in
the ghetto. The visits are never long enough, but I love that we always pick up right where we left off. Until next time, Weezer!

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