Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Occupy Memorial

Saturday night was one for the books.  It was one of those spontaneous, hilarious nights that take me back to the good ole' days of the Diva Domain when funny Nashville going-out stories abounded.

I found out Saturday after Zumba class that former Sugar Shack roomie-turned-Nashvillian, Anne, was able to score us free tickets to the Vandy- Kentucky game Saturday night.  Well, to be more accurate, her husband Darren is the one who got the tickets, but he had an out of town bachelor party to attend... so sad... so that left me to go in his place!  I was literally dancing in the door when I found out.  We decided to meet up at her house and ride together, grab a quick bite to eat and a few beers, and then get to Memorial in plenty of time to see the game.  You see, unlike fairweather Vandy fans, we like to come early and stay late.

Anne and I are both the proud owners of the new IPhone 4S. We are also both inept at using said devices expertly to find places to eat near Memorial Gym. We knew we wanted to check out Corner Pub since it was being touted as The Place for Kentucky fans to hang before and during the game. After a long circle of Vanderbilt's campus, and finally employing Siri to help us navigate downtown, we found our destination. While it was impressive to see a bar full of blue, the potential for a seat and any kind of food was lacking. After checking out the small quarters, we decided we would be better off finding another spot to dine before the game. By this time, it was dark, and I was already starting to panic that we wouldn't have time to find a new location, eat, and get to the game on time.

Again, I utilized my iPhone to pull up nearby restaurants, and we settled for Chili's due to its free parking, and close proximity to campus. The place was packed, so after putting our name on the list, we pushed through all the people in the bar to try and get a few drinks while we waited, in hopes that someone would leave and we could take their table in the bar. No such luck. Every person in there it seemed, were doing the same thing we were- killing time before the big game, so nobody was going anywhere any time soon. I pushed up to an open corner of the bar to order drinks in between 2 nice-looking Kentucky fans. After a while, we discovered that a) they were Richie Farmer's cousins {Richie Farmer- a famous UK player from 1992, the team known as The Unforgettables}. They even pulled out their driver's licenses to prove their heritage. Yes, Mikey and Rudy weren't pulling our legs- Their last name was Farmer. And yes, I of course had to start the infamous slow Rudy chant, upon discovering Cousin #1's first name. and b) the second funny thing about these two guys is that they are literally farmers by trade in northern Tennessee. I once knew an attorney who's last name was lawyer and she didn't seem to get as big a kick out of that ironic cooincidence as you might think.

Anne and I had a good ole time at Chili's talking to the Vandy fans behind us, Richie Farmer's cousins at the bar, watching basketball on the big screens, witnessing a near bar-fight between rowdy fans behind us, scarfing down a shared appetizer, and generally getting super-pumped about seeing our beloved #1 ranked Wildcats in action.

About 45 minutes til gametime, we walked over to the gym with Richie Farmer's cousins, and a whole crowd of other people en mass for the game. Our seats were on the second level, towards the back and weren't as close as I would have liked, but hey, at least we were there! I giddily snapped pictures of Coach Cal and the team as they warmed up. There was far too much back and gold in that place for my taste, although we did befriend the Kentucky fans behind us, and would flash each other the "Three Goggles" whenever our team drained one. Anne and I both agreed it was too stressful a game. Watching live, you miss a lot of the details, and there's no benefit of having instant replay or analysis from the commentators when they aren't jabbering about unrelated topics.

It was a close game, but the Wildcats prevailed. It felt good to be able to cheer Kentucky on to a road game win, and after the game we made our way back to the Corner Pub and it was like being transported back to Lexington there was so much blue in that place! For these 2 UK grads it was a fantastic night out in Nashvegas.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you had a great time but wish your 3rd amigo had been able to make the game with you---Sugar Shack Reunion!!!
Mama B