Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Post-Christmas, Cannelton Style

Will the blogging ever get caught up?  Who the heck knows.  But in the meantime, we celebrated a belated Christmas with mom's side of the family this past weekend.  All of the kids had a gift exchange, the Indiana fans humored us Kentucky fans and let us watch our SEC opener, and we had food and drinks galore, topped off with pizza from the Iron Gate.  The mild weather allowed the guys to hang out outside by the fire pit at night, the kids to play downstairs and the women - where else- congregating in the kitchen!
Gang of Three
 Just the 21 of us!
Laura & Dad snoozing through the end of the UK game
Braedon and Nicole are the Amanda and Ryan of this generation

George and Eric talking politics or movies... probably politics!

The 2 Addies in their matching dresses.  I had a little photo session with them!  Here, they were instructed to show me their model faces:
 "Angry faces!"
 "Happy Faces"
 A beautiful clear night, full moon, and plenty of guy talk 
The get together was a cacophony of sounds, with kids running up and down the stairs, boisterous stories being told, humorous memories reminisced, sports, politics, and movies, and everything in between discussed, and as with any modern family, at any given moment, someone was updating Facebook or generally playing with their phone.  Breakfast Sunday morning was satisfyingly yummy with a breakfast casserole, hash brown casserole, and five cinnamon rolls.  There's always a funny food story, somehow. Thanks Lisa & Jerry for hosting the locusts.

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