Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fresh sugar

It's been quite a while since I've done any product reviews, and now here I am playing catch up with the blog, with another product to rave about that I simply cannot get enough of.  It's the Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment.  I have the Rose, and Laura has it in the Plum shade.  We both have agreed it's a product we can't live without.

I'm not really sure what to classify it as- it doesn't give your lips a gloss, so much as it adds a hint of color with SPF protection, and smooth hydration.  It goes on really creamy, and has an amazing citrus-y scent.  The packing also feels really weighty in your hand, as opposed to some lightweight plastic Chapstick, so I think subconsciously, the heavier weighted product makes you feel like you're getting more bang for your buck.

My sister and I each got them in our stockings for Christmas 2010, and here is a picture of what my beloved lip product looks like, circa January 2012:

The product is totally worn down, and even the print on the packaging has worn off from so much use.  A few days after this picture was taken, I finally had to toss the empty stick in the trash, and what a bittersweet moment that was.  

As much as I used to be a total makeup whore, I am a recovering addict,  trying not to buy products and use what's in my seemingly-never-ending arsenal of cosmetics.  However, how often does one really finish an entire lip gloss?  I mean, it takes forever, and in this case, a little over a year, so that should tell you how much I love this product, that I could use it up entirely in a year's time, and that I am prepared to purchase a replacement for it soon.  They are pricey at $22.50 a pop at Sephora, but to me, worth the luxury expense.

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