Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Bargain

One day I drug Bradley with me to Walmart. A trip to the store for me is never quick as I am prone to get distracted and generally only move at one speed. As we were leaving, Bradley spotted the alcove of arcade games and asked to ride the merry go round. Feeling nostalgic from my childhood days of riding the rides at and in a good mood after making it out of Walmart in one piece with a three year old, I generously conceded and headed over to the game area.

Imagine my surprise when I saw the price tag for one merry go round ride: one whole dollar! No way was I paying a dollar for a measly kiddie ride. Now I love my son but that was not a wise use of my finances. Quickly I scanned the little machines with toys in them and I pointed to a row of machines on top. "you can pick anything from up here," I instructed benevolently.

So for half the cost of a ride on the merry go round, Bradley selected a purple ninja toy. "That's a bargain," I exclaimed. To my amusement, Bradley has taken to calling his 50 cent slot machine toy his "bargain."

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