Sunday, January 08, 2012

3G thesis

Right before Christmas I joined the smart phone world and bought myself the grand daddy of all smart phones, the iPhone 4s. I had never bought a phone before, always taking whatever free basic phone my carrier offered, so to leap into the world of 3G has been quite the life-changing event.

I can now check Facebook or blog on my lunch break if I want to. In fact, I am writing this post from the back seat of the car. I check the weather as I'm getting ready for work on the morning, and set reminders to my to- do list all day long as I think of tasks.

Maybe not coincidentally, though, since I have world wide web at at my finger tips at all times I have found myself shying away from the computer at night, hence I've done nothing with all the pictures and video taken from Christmas , and I haven't updated the blog in weeks.

At any rate, I'm satisfied with my purchase and long for the day when I can type expertly on the touch screen without all the typos and mis-capitalized words!

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