Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I passed the test

I'm still not claiming the "vegetarian" moniker, but I have been eating a vegetarian diet since mid-July.  My family thinks I'm weird that I just up and decided to stop eating meat one day.  And to be honest, I can't give you some big grandiose diatribe of why I'm doing what I'm doing; it's a lot of little reasons, and still very much an experiment,  and yesterday in my little experiment, I passed the ultimate test!
We had dinner at O'Charley's for Aunt Peggy's birthday.  O'Charley's, of course, is home to the famous Chicken O'Tenders, the main staple of my diet from childhood through college.  After college my metabolism slowed down and I realized that man does not eat on chicken fingers and french fries alone, lest man get fat... so I started to become more health-conscious about what I ate.
This was my first trip to O'Charley's since I started eating vegetarian.  That big green and white sign ominously stared me down as I entered the restaurant.  I already wanted Chicken O'Tenders so bad and I wasn't even in the place yet!
Before ordering, I ventured a question to our server that I was pretty sure I already knew the answer to after glancing at their menu. 
Me:  Do you have any vegetarian options on your menu?
Dopey Server:  No, I don't think so...  do you eat chicken?
Did he really just say that??? 
I'm not putting Bradley on the vegetarian diet though, so he sat right next to me and got Chicken O'Tenders while I got a spinach salad, and 86'ed the chicken.  I'm not gonna lie.  When his plate came, I was so tempted to steal one of those chicken pieces.  However, the longer I sat there, cutting up bite sized pieces for him with a fork, while straining to cut threw sinuous processed meat, the chicken tenders became less and less appetizing.  The fries, however, I did steal on occasion from his plate. 
I feel like David, just having beaten my Chicken O'Tender Goliath!  If I can conquer a trip to O'Charley's and not give in and eat the Chicken O'Tenders, I can conquer anything.

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