Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Showering Rhonda Lu

Now that baby Austin is due to arrive any day now, I figured it was about time to get this blog posed about Rhonda Lu's baby shower which I co-hosted waaayyy back in June!  The BBC parlor was the spot for our gathering this June Sunday afternoon.  I pushed our other 2 hosts for a brightly colored shower theme, bypassing the blase pale blue that's all over baby shower supplies.  Happily, the other hostesses were on board.  Costco did the super-cute and very delicious cupcakes.  I fought with those hanging tissue paper flowers forever, and next time, if there is ever a next time, I will buy more tissue paper and wire 2 of what you see together to make more of a paper flower globe, which is what I was going for, but didn't really achieve this go-round.  We decorated the food table with baby Austin's ultrasound pictures, and photos of Rhonda and Joe when they were babies (get it, for the photographer couple?!)
The lime sherbet punch was a hit!  Thanks, George's mom, for the recipe.  The diaper cake shown on the gifts table, I made TWICE... once at my house, and once in the church parlor after dropping it on the way into the church, with diapers spilling All Over the BBC parking lot!!!  I was a hot, panicked mess by the time things got under way!  Pictured above is Rhonda Lu with all 3 hostesses.
For our activity, we made personalized bibs for baby Austin.  Lisa models her creation:

For the games, we played a celebrity baby guessing game with name tags that was a good icebreaker, and fun for our pop-culture-lovin' mom to be.  While Rhonda opened her presents, we played a Baby Bingo game, and we also played the Play-doh baby game where each guest had to create what they thought baby Austin was going to look like out of Play-doh. 
Far left is the winner, little Austin with his frisbee golf disc, just like his old man!  Far right is Austin posing in a Blue Steele Zoolander face!  Here, Rhonda is laughing as she tries to pick the winner.

To create a little ambiance and background noise, I updated the "baby mix" that I used for my own baby shower.  It's such an eclectic mix, but every song has the word "baby" in the title.  I had to skip past Jay-Z's I'm a Hustler Baby when that one came on because it was the un-edited version and we were in the church!  Whoops!

Serious Brown ponders her Baby Bingo card

Instead of cards, we asked each guest give Austin a signed baby book to begin his collection.
Rhonda holds up the adorable personalized burp clothes with Austin's initials on it- ARH.  Right after I snapped this photo I came to the realization that Austin's initials were very pirate-esque.  ARRRRRRGH, I shouted, to the laughter of everyone there. 

Me and my dear friends, Queen MAB and hot mom-to-be, Rhonda Lu
Little Austin, we loved showering you and your mom with lots of love and gifts, and we can't wait to meet you soon!

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