Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Why receipting is so much better than giving

I am strolling down memory lane today. Not by choice, but by necessity. I keep all my receipts in a (hot pink) expandable file folder, and it recently came to my attention that it was bursting at the seams. So here I go, alphabetically pulling out piles of receipts from purchases past. It's really funny to me how the ones closer to the front are mostly things like groceries (aka evidence of my married/family life now) whereas the ones in the back are mostly makeup and clothes purchases from my single days (turns out I shopped at the Cosmetic Market and the Gap a LOT!)

Would you like to stroll with me? Here are some of the interesting ones I've found so far:
  • Cheapside Bar & Grill in Lexington, KY- a receipt for 3 drinks (2 whiskey sours and a Long Island Iced Tea) from New Year's eve, Dec 31st, 2004!!!!!!! Yes, I told you this chore was long overdue!
  • A receipt from a boutique in Houston called Hemline (4/14/2006) on a DIVA trip to visit Conley, where I purchased a white sundress; the same white sundress that I was wearing a few years later on the night I met Brian, and still wear and love to this day.
  • Makeup and hair accessories purchased from H&M in New York City (7/19/2005) during my mission trip through Kairos
  • A Goodwill store receipt with clothing items for our friend Beth's "white trash Halloween bash." (10/26/2006) Next to each item of clothing I have written an 'R' for Rhonda and an 'A' for myself so we would know how much Rhonda owed me for her items!
  • an H&M store receipt from my Chicago trip with Mary Anna (7/20/2007). Weirdly enough, I'm wearing today a short-sleeved cardigan that I bought on this receipt.
  • Greenhouse bar in Green Hills- 12/28/2006- I only went here a few times, even though it is a really cool bar. I'm pretty sure Sarah Scott and Lana were with me this night.
  • Maternal Fetal Group (8/22/2008) from a freaking expensive ultrasound that my crappy insurance didn't pay for!
  • Questionable items from Spencer Gifts for Ari's bachelorette party (6/22/2007)
  • The grand opening of the brand-new Nashville Sephora store! (3/17/2006 at 11:12am) My friends and I skipped work that day to attend the grand opening! I am a little embarrassed by this (and shocked now), but I spent close to $200 that day on makeup!!!
  • Tayst restaurant in Nashville (12/8/2005) where Emily Borders and I split dinner and dessert, and claim to have had the best "date" ever!
  • Tootsies Orchid Lounge (1/9/2005)- no idea what's significant about this night, but it's the only receipt from my favorite Nashville Honkeytonk that's survived through the years
  • Target (1/25/2008)- there were too many Target receipts in my file to count, but this particular one contains the evidence from our very first purchase once we found out we were having a boy that day (from the aforementioned way-expensive ultrasound!)- a blue "daddy's little wingman" onesie

This was such an unexpectedly fun chore! Now time to go file all my current receipts so I can do this in another 10 years!


emmysue said...

So fun!! PS - on our "best date ever," that amazing dinner was followed by the Marc Broussard/Bonnie Raitt concert at the Ryman. Best. Date. Ever. Ha!

Sarah said...

LOVE THIS! I am sure it was Lana and me who went with you to the Greenhouse, and something tells me it may have been after a visit to the Flying Saucer. Sounds about right! Miss you bunches, pinkukfan! xoxo