Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Terrible Twos & Old Navy Blues

I was THAT mom yesterday- the one with the toddler throwing a fit in the store, apologizing to the sales lady, trying to calm my child down, and trying to hurry up the sales transaction to get the heck out of there!
In Bradley's defense, it was wayyy past his nap time and I had drug him on several errands yesterday, and am surprised he did as well as he did. Could this be our first taste of the terrible twos?? Our last stop was Old Navy (it was supposed to be Target but we didn't made it that far, alas). Bradley spotted a bin of balls at the front of Old Navy, and proceeded to take and carry around a football all over the store. Whatever keeps him a happy shopper, I thought! By the time we were ready to check out though, my son was not so eager to part with that ball. And he let everybody in that store know it, and embarrassed the heck out of me! I hung my head in shame and left the store as quickly as possible.
I am so sorry for ever judging another parent who's been in the same situation, because as much as you try and reason with your tyke, as much as you threaten quietly, count aloud, and shhh them, your child is their own person, and it's impossible to control them!


MamaB said...

It is funny but you can never pass judgement on somebody else and say "if I were that person, this is what I would do" because you never EVER know until it happens to you for REAL.
Wish Grandma B had been there though, I would have snatched him up and the ball and gone to another check out line and bought it even though it was a rather pricey football!!!

Erin said...

I think all us mommies have been humbled a time or two in public with our little ones...., and will probably be humbled many more times!!!! I am right there with you friend - I pray every time I go into a store!! I think Bradley is just as normal as he can be - regardless of his age! And he is adorable :)