Saturday, May 22, 2010

the aunts and uncles come to FL

May has been an unexpected month of impromptu visits from a few of Bradley's aunts and uncles. At the first of the month, the passing of Brian's grandpa brought aunt Sarah in from Seattle. Even though the reason for her visit was sad, we were so glad to spend some time with her. We went to the zoo, and Bradley and Sarah posed as kangaroos!
They also took a break from looking at the animals to play on the playground.
Over at Grandma Ann's one night, Bradley got to help aunt Sarah shuck the corn for dinner!
After the memorial service for Grandpa Cimpher there was food for everyone in the church's fellowship hall. After Bradley and Sarah had their fill of all the food, they passed the time by dancing on the stage!
Even though Sarah brought the rain in with her from Seattle, we were so glad to have a few days with her. Who knows when we'll be able to make it out there, or when she'll be back here.
This past week, we were also treated to a visit from aunt Laura and uncle George. Laura had some time off before starting her new job, so the Murdochs decided to drive down for a few days. We cooked Mexican the first night, and I even ventured with them into the Navarre Seafood market the next day to choose some fresh seafood for dinner that night! The guy who worked there was kind of a pill though. He wasn't amused at all when I asked to see a live crab so Bradley could see one.

I knew this spot on the dock would make a great backdrop for pictures. Unfortunately, Bradley was hungry and in no mood for them! Even with us handing him goldfish crackers to eat, he still put up a fuss for all the pictures we tried to take!
Bradley's wearing his Little Monstah shirt that Laura & George got him on their honeymoon in Boston, and George is wearing his coordinating Red Sox shirt in honor of the team's game that night.
Bradley with Laura and George
A day at the beach! Or at least, half a day, til Bradley was cranky and was ready to go home. We saw schools of sting rays from the shore, too afraid to venture into the water and get close to them. Bradley planted himself under the umbrella and ate snacks most of the time as usual, and played in the sand the rest of the time.
Lulu and I at the beach. Check out all her freckles that finally decided to come out for the summer!
Bradley loves this book from Kindermusik. It's about a Choo-choo train named Shiny Dinah. Uncle George was kind enough to read it to Bradley. He also taught Bradley the word "Goofball" and the phrase "Hey Chief." Funniest of all was that if asked to say "Go Redsox" Bradley would respond, "Go Yankees!"
We are so glad for the visit from Laura and George and Sarah, and hope to see everyone again soon!

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