Thursday, February 11, 2010

snow close!

Snow. It's not just a white rapper from the 90's. It's also a wintry precipitation, the bain of mid-atlantic-ers' existence, but something we Floridians (yes, that's right I said we), have not seen in a long time. While BFF Heather is still stranded in jolly London town after the Snowmageddon forced her to vacate DC early, and remain in the UK until after her and Jacob's scheduled departure date, I have felt like the only person on the planet, aka Facebook, who hasn't seen snow this year. Even Sarah Scott Holton who's in Dallas forcryingoutloud, is seeing snow today. But Hell and Florida just might freeze over yet.

According to several news sources, we are currently under a winter storm warning! Parts of my county in northwest Florida may see "significant amounts of snow, ice and sleet"on Friday that will make travel "very hazardous or impossible." The article goes on to say that closer to the coastline, where I am, parts of the state may see a "trace" of snow, or "an inch or more." Hey, I'll take a trace! I have always hated winters without snow, and this winter Florida has seen record breaking cold temperatures, and record amounts of days with below-freezing temps. So bring on the snow! A licky boom boom down!

On an unrelated note, this is my 900th blog post. Pretty amazing I think!

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