Monday, February 01, 2010

past the paci

My baby boy is growing up fast, and we have yet another milestone under our belt. The pacifier is now a thing of the past. This weekend he chewed up 2 of them while we were in New Orleans, so I decided that was his way of telling me he was done with them. We put him down without a paci in his crib last night and then again for his nap today. Both times he protested a little, then eventually put himself to sleep, so I suppose we have successfully done away with the paci for good.

I was anti-pacifiers when I was pregnant, but gave in on day 2 I think after Bradley was born and gave him one in order to get some sleep that night. He's never been allowed to have the paci in his mouth during the day, but we give it to him in the crib to sleep, and he knows it has to stay in the crib when he gets up in the morning or after his nap. I also used it in the car when he was fussy or in extreme situations in the store when he was whiny. Originally we'd planned on weaning him from it at 18 months, but I dreaded it so much that I put it off. However, at almost 20 months now, it seems that the process was even easier than I'd ever anticipated. The pacifier is now a thing of the past.


Anna W. said...

Yay for Bradley!

I always think it's a bit odd when I see three and four year olds walking around with pacifiers, so good for him!

-Beth- said...

Go You!! Ryder's still on it for night time and naps... uggg. I want it gone. But it's kinda hard when he sees the baby with one too! My goal is for it to be completely gone b/f his b-day.

MamaB said...

How about a 3 year old wearing a paci around his neck with a polka dotted string attached?? I think my little brother had one of those--I made the polka dotted string for him!!!!!