Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Just say NO-LA

This past weekend, Ari, Conley, and I met up for a DIVA weekend in New Orleans. Bradley came with me, and hindsight now being twenty-twenty, I wished I left him at home to have a guys' weekend with dad! My toddler had to be on constant supervision as the house had plenty of little nicknacks everywhere for little hands to get into, plus Bradley enjoyed chasing the kitty-cats everywhere. Given his recent experience with a dog bite, I wasn't leaving him alone for a second with cats who are not used to children!

The weather was dreary and cold, making it impossible for us to go anywhere and take advantage of all that the Crescent City had to offer. So between the weather and the nap schedule of little B, we pretty much spent the entire weekend indoors at the house. We ventured a few blocks down for some dinner one night, and coffee the next morning, but other than that, we were total couch potatoes. Usually when you're in good company this is just fine, but I suppose I'm a frustrated house-wife stuck in a small town these days, so it was killing me to be in such a cool city as New Orleans and not be able to get out and do anything. (Again, another reason that Bradley would have fared better with Brian for a couple of days.)

Reason number 2 is that Bradley refused to sleep either night we were there. I tried my best to stay up late with the girls and spend quality time with them, but then long after they were snoozing and snuggled up, I had a crying kid on my hands who refused to be consoled, no matter how many pacis I gave him, and no matter how long I held him. I couldn't let him cry it out and fall back to sleep on his own, lest the entire house be woken up, so I fought back the exhausted tears, and coerced Bradley back to sleep each and every time he woke up in the middle of the night. This left me drained by Sunday morning. I didn't even have the desire or the energy to hang out with the girls and get on the road by lunchtime like I'd originally planned, I just wanted to be HOME. We'd been up since before 7am, but waited until both Ari and Conley were awake so we could say 'bye' to them, and then a little before 10am, we pulled out and headed back towards Florida... or so I thought...

Even now, days later, I'm trying to find a way to make the story lighthearted so I can laugh along with everyone else, but the humor is just nowhere to be found it seems. I called Brian once I got on the interstate to let him know I was in the car, and I recall seeing signs for I-10. I hung up with him, and then called Heather. After I had hung up with her, I started noticing the sights around me; new sights that were unfamiliar. I was seeing signs telling me how far away Baton Rouge was, and I knew I didn't see those on the way in. I had been driving for one hour. Finally I pulled off the interstate at the next exit and looked at the signs. It was exactly as I had feared. I had been driving on I-10 sure enough, but instead of heading east towards Pensacola, I was going west, straight for Texas!!! I wanted to pull over on the side of the road and just stay there and cry. I did cry, but I made myself do it while driving back east.

So B and I got on the road again, headed towards New Orleans, and eventually home. I was so tired from lack of sleep that I could barely keep my eyes open. What was supposed to be a 3 hour trip that would have put me home at 1:30 became a 5 hour trip that landed me at 3:30! An hour later I called Ari to see if we by chance left any of our belongings at her house, in case we needed to hop off the interstate and pick them up since we were driving through town... again...

What's worse is that I can't even blame the mistake on the blonde hair, because the blonde is no more! I suppose I can only blame stupidity, and lack of awareness on my part, although the exhaustion has to play a factor too.

It was a long ending to a long weekend. Next time, I vow it will just be me and the girls. Next time when Brian asks me if I'm going to take Bradley with me, I will just say NO.

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