Wednesday, February 10, 2010

ESPN U betcha!

I am especially crazy about Kentucky basketball this year. Perhaps it's because we're currently ranked number 2 in the country. At any rate, I was all geared up to watch last night's game between UK and Alabama, which started at 8 o'clock central time, perfect since that's Little B's bedtime. Right around 7:30-ish, Brian is flipping channels and trying to find out what channel the game is on. I assumed ESPN since almost all (maybe all) of our Tuesday night games have been ESPN Super Tuesday games. But one should never assume. We found out quickly that the game was on ESPNU instead, a channel we don't have.

Our computer is in the shop, so any chances of me watching streaming video or listening to it on the computer weren't happening as my poor Mac that we're forced to use right now is old and slow, and would not allow me those capabilities. Brian firmly says, "take Bradley into his room to play. I'll talk to Mediacom and get the game for us." I have learned not to question the man when he speaks with such authority, so into Bradley's room we went.

20 minutes later, with Bradley asleep in bed, Brian triumphantly announces that we not only have ESPNU, but that we have it for free for an entire month! I was able to watch the Kentucky game last night, and will be able to see many more good college basketball games in the month to come, and just as soon as our free preview ends, it will be time for March Madness- absolutely perfect! My husband is a man who can get things done, and he never ceases to amaze me with his ability to talk his way in and out of things!

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MamaB said...

Glad you were successful in getting the game......we weren't. TIVO taped something else so when Daddy got home from work, he was ready to watch it but he didn't get to. Maybe I need Brian to talk to TIVO for me.......