Monday, February 22, 2010

All up in the mustard

I feel like I have rejoined the land of the living, now that we have our computer back from the shop. Darn those viruses! I feel I have some catching up (Ketching up) to do, so away we go.

  • I haven't done any monthly milestone blogs lately, so right now Bradley is 20 months, and this picture is of Bradley mesmerized by Elmo. Watching Elmo has become a fascination within the last month. Once a day, I will give in to the request of "Momo?" as B holds up the dvd case to the Elmo video he got for Christmas. It's been less than 2 months, and I'm already sick of hearing those songs on the dvd, and I'm pretty sure I have the 30-minute video memorized. Most mornings I also let him watch Sesame Street. Slowly I am easing up on my no tv rule, but his time spent in front of the boob tube is certainly still limited.

  • Another fun game for Bradley these days, not so much for mommy, is pulling the dvds off the shelf. I am trying to have patience and make Bradley learn to put them back one by one while I help him, but I usually wait until he's moved on to something else, and then I shove them all back on the shelf hastily. I laugh at the people who are attempting to keep their dvds in alphabetical order. I gave up that dream a long time ago!
This is a group shot for our New Orleans trip. Maybe one of the worst trips of my life, but definitley with the best people!

And these were my post-NOLA-trip-I-Love-You-Flowers. They were gorgeous, and stayed that way for 2 weeks! I also came home that day to a clean house, and dinner made by Brian.

Ah yes, this picture portrays another favorite toy of Bradley's these days, only it isn't a toy, it's our tv remote. Twice now he has ordered pay-per-view movies that we've had to fight to get taken off our cable bill, and more than once the remote has gone missing. I got stuck watching a dateline episode about Michael Jackson's last days a few weeks ago because the remote was missing and I couldn't change the channel without it!
Finally, here is my little handsome man after church yesterday. Doesn't he look so grown up? Thank you Grandma B for this adorable outfit and shoes! Now if anyone spots a dressy pink Easter outfit for boys, let me know, because I am on the lookout. I figure as long as Bradley's too little to know or care, I'm going to take advantage of these years and dress him in as much pink as I want.

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